New Development in Progress

2019 has been a very busy year as I began my greatest creative project ever:

Julie and XylaOctavia Klein Photography

Her name is Xyla Jade. She’s my biggest fan and I am hers. I am teaching her the ukulele and we are collaborating on several projects. Right now our most difficult work in progress is transitioning to solid food and not grabbing at the dogs.

Don’t worry, we each also continue to work on solo ventures. She takes her nap time very seriously. I respect her space and use that time to record voice over projects in my home studio or work out with my trainer. Afterwards we both do our best to crawl.

Xyla and I manage to balance our time together even though we are both in high demand. I am often pulled away to voice commercials, animation, promos, etcand her time is constantly booked with kisses from her grandparents and chilling out with her daddy. She doesn’t seem to be interested in acting so far, but Xyla has a creative spirit and loves making people laugh just like her mom.