Intro to “Call of Duty: Ghosts” Trailer at E3

I was lucky enough to attend E3 and hear my voice in action at the Activision / Blizzard showroom! I played the EMA Coordinator at the California State Warning Center, along with my colleague Chris Cox, who plays the EMA manager. This piece (which was depicted as “ten years earlier” played as the Intro to “Call of Duty: Ghosts” trailer. It was an amazing screening room – 120 feet wide and 25 feet tall – with surround sound (woofers below you), smoke, gusts of air – a completely sensory experience. My mind and eardrums were blown!! Check it out by visiting the link below:

Hollywood Fringe Fest Show directed by Miles Stroth


Come see me in “Cocktales,” an improvised show directed by Miles Stroth. The Hollywood Fringe Festival show will be playing at:

The Three of Clubs
1123 N. Vine St.
June 8th, Saturday @ 4PM
June 14th, Friday @ 6:30 PM
June 16th, Sunday @ 5:30 PM
June 18th, Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
June 23rd, Sunday @ 5:30 PM
June 25th, Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
June 28th, Friday @ 8:00 PM

Tickets are $10 – but use my name and it’s half off for you baby.

Click here for cast bios and more info!

“Boxing Day” Released to Great Reviews in the UK!!!

Boxing Day Movie Poster

“Boxing Day”, a film by Bernard Rose was released in theaters today in the UK! It is a wonderful movie, with exceptional performances by everyone, including the leads – Danny Huston and Matthew Jacobs. I voiced the GPS, Cynthia, which is a surprisingly large part, considering they spend much of the movie in the car. If you don’t get a chance to see it in the UK, you will be able to own it on DVD in March. Let the reviews below intrigue you in the meantime, or check out the Boxing Day Trailer by clicking the poster above…

Boxing Day Movie Review: Peter Bradshaw (The Guardian) (4 Stars!)

Boxing Day Movie Review: Robbie Collin (The Telegraph) (4 Stars!)

Boxing Day Movie Review: Derek Malcolm (The London Evening Standard) (4 Stars!)

Boxing Day Movie Review: Jennifer Atkinson (The Upcoming)